(50 Limited Editions)Cool Treasures Digital NFT #1 “Snow, Moon and Flower, No.1, Asakusa Kinryu-zan”

Title Cool Treasures Digital NFT #1
“Snow, Moon and Flower, No.1, Asakusa Kinryu-zan”
50 Limited Editions
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H 2408 x W 4716 Pixels;
File Size: 16.9MB
2. Background Story Video
Description Length: 7 min 31 sec

Movie Sample

Tankei Inoue was said to be a genius when drawing landscape paintings.
He was short-lived, and his landscape paintings are precious. (He died at age 26.)
We can understand how Asakusa looks like on the snow day of the early Meiji period.
We can see Nakamise which continues to Kaminarimon, Sumidagawa etc clearly.
The scenery of that time continues to the present age.
Also, we can see the state of the pond in Bentenyama, which is now landfilled.
This is very beautiful Ukiyoe art in early Meiji.
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