Cool Art Tokyo House


{Cool Art Tokyo House} is a community-led NFT project by the Asai Collection (@coolarttokyo). The Asai Collection, one of the world's leading private ukiyo-e collections with numerous ukiyo-e works, is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Japanese ukiyo-e. In a breakthrough project, the Asai Collection is collaborating with blockchain x art company Startbahn to turn its 50,000+ social media followers to become supporters of rare ukiyo-e prints. With proceeds going to fund future exhibitions, events, preservation and archiving of works such as ukiyo-e, {Cool Art Tokyo} will help promote and revive ukiyo-e’s heritage in the digital era. 

Ukiyo-e is the pride of Japan’s traditional culture. Dynamically conveying the glamorous culture of the Edo period (1603-1868) and the turbulent Meiji period (1868-1912), ukiyo-e’s cultural impact reverberates until today. As valuable historical documents, ukiyo-e prints provide glimpses into the Japanese historical events and the now-lost Kabuki art of theatrical performances. Compositions drawn by masters such as Kuniyoshi Utagawa and Yoshitoshi Tsukioka could also be interpreted as roots of modern manga and anime. 

Around 1897, Yusuke Asai began collecting ukiyo-e prints and founded what has been known today as the Asai Collection. The Collection has done tremendous work in preserving the vivid colors and wonderful textures of more than 10,000 prints. The proceeds of {Cool Art Tokyo House} NFT sales will be utilized for the preservation of prints in the Asai Collection, as well as continuing our efforts to promote Japanese cultural history to fans of Japan worldwide. 

With {Cool Art Tokyo House}, we are selling limited-edition NFTs of authenticated digital reproductions of ukiyo-e prints, certified by the Asai Collection, one of the leading ukiyo-e collection in Japan. Buying a {Cool House Tokyo House} NFT will also give access to the new {Cool Art Tokyo House} community. (Planned around January, 2022) Also offered for sale are limited-edition “Kasane Graphica,” made-to-order print reproductions of your chosen ukiyo-e of the Asai Collection made by a highly skilled studio in Kyoto, Japan. 

We hope that you will take this opportunity to support our cultural preservation activities of rare ukiyo-e prints. We would like to open {Cool Art Tokyo House} art patronage to a new generation of collectors, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in the {Cool Art Tokyo House} community.


Sun M Color’s Scanning/Printing Technology

Sun M Color's Gigapixel Art Scanner for ultra-high resolution can digitize works of art up to 1.8m x 4m in size (up to 4 billion pixels) without any irregularities as the light source moves with the camera to scan the work.

Also, by adjusting the light source, it is possible to express the luster of gold and silver and the precise irregularities of the work. In addition, Sun M Color has a technology that has been cultivated over many years to correct the ultra high-resolution scanned image and make it look just like the artwork. In the past four to five years, we have used this image processing technology to scan and create many national treasures and important cultural properties, and the color results are among the best in Japan.

Digital Ukiyo-e NFT and Its Background Story Video

Using Sun M Color's advanced scanning technology, five rare ukiyo-e works from the Asai Collection will be digitized and sold as NFTs in a limited edition of 50 per work. As part of the certification of the Asai Collection, the edition number and the Cool Art Tokyo House logo will be embedded in the digital image as a watermark, which is slightly visible or invisible to the naked eye.

The Asai Collection has been collecting Ukiyo-e with background stories for more than 120 years. The background story video associated with the digital Ukiyo-e NFT is made under the supervision of the Asai Collection, the owner of the Ukiyo-e. Please purchase the NFT and enjoy the historical background of valuable Ukiyo-e.

Limited Edition KASANE GRAFICA

When you purchase a Digital Ukiyo-e NFT, you can also purchase limited-edition “Kasane Graphica,” made-to-order print reproductions of your chosen ukiyo-e of the Asai Collection made by a highly skilled studio in Kyoto, Japan. 

With the newly developed reproduction technique "Kasane Graphica" by Sun M Color, it is now possible to create works of art that can be seen with the eyes and touched with the hands, with a finish that goes far beyond the expression of conventional giclee prints.

From the image data of the work, the rise of the paint and the brush strokes are inferred, and three-dimensional information is created. From this information, ink is layered to reproduce the rise of the paint and even the texture of the original painting. Founder and Chairman Katsumi Matsui has combined his long-cultivated skills as a printer with digital technology to create a reproduction that conveys the atmosphere of the work.


Why NFT & Startrail


A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital certificate that  permanently guarantees the ownership and inheritance value of a work of art.


Startrail is a blockchain infrastructure for issuing and managing NFTs, built by Startbahn. It secures transaction reliability, artwork authenticity, and inheritance value.

Art businesses involved in the distribution and management of artworks, such as galleries, auction houses, e-commerce platforms, museums, and private art collections issue and transfer NFTs through Startrail – while owners seamlessly access their digitized collections with their artworks' information stored and recorded on a safe blockchain infrastructure.

NFT issued on Startrail


Season 1 Goals (In progress, by Q1 2021)

1.Invite you to the  Cool Art Tokyo House, a community of Ukiyoe Lovers, through NFT sale - Jan 2022
2.Lauch Cool Art Tokyo House Private Discord Channel after sales completed - Jan 2022
3.Determine the structure and channels of Cool Art Tokyo House - Feb 2022
4.Host the 1st events for members - Mar 2022
5.Determine the Season 2 project - Mar 2022

The pride and privileges of being a Cool Art Tokyo Supporter:

Every supporter (NFT buyer) will gain privileged access to the {Cool Art Tokyo House}’s private Discord channel, and be able to meet with like-minded lovers of ukiyo-e worldwide and work together to further promote the Ukiyoe culture. Our dedicated supporters will also have the opportunities to:

Contributes ideas to the operations of Cool Art Tokyo House
Be recognized as the Cool Art Tokyo House ambassador of your country
Propose Ukiyoe projects / events to Asai Collection and the community
Vote on Ukiyoe projects
Participate in events hosted by Asai Collection or other community members, e.g. Webinars
First dips on the Season 2 Release

Long Term Goals

1.Make Cool Art Tokyo House to be hub of all ukiyo-e lovers in the world
2.Promote the ukiyo-e culture to the world and to the next generation through, e.g.

Archive an extensive collection of precious ukiyo-e on blockchain
Host future online / offline events and exhibitions
Form new collaborations to promote ukiyo-e through other media and products