Kyosai Kawanabe

Tenpo 2nd (1831) born, Meiji 22nd (1889) died
At first, he was entered to Kuniyoshi Utagawa family, and sketched raw neck which he picked up at Kandagawa, and surprised his surroundings.
After that, he was reintroduced to Kano school Towa Maemura by my father who was concerned about Kuniyoshi's deeds.
Towa highly valued the genius of Kyosai and called him "painting demon".

On the other hand, Kyosai also learned extensively from ancient Japanese art such as Tosa School, Rin School, Shijo School, and Ukiyoe.

Ansei 5th (1858), he left the Kano school and named the "Seisei Kyosai" and began to draw Ukiyoe and gained popularity in caricatures. Other than that, since Manei 1st(1860), he begun to draw Nishikie in the name of Chikamaro. In addition, he had names such as Shuran-sai-Raisui, Suiraibo, and Sei-sei-an, and participated in the collaboration work "Ojyoraku Tokaido" by the painters of the Utagawa School in 1863. After Meiji 4th (1871), his name was changed to "Kyosai".

The owner of an anti-bone spirit that has been caught by criticizing case in Meiji 3rd (1870), leaving many caricatures. In spite belonged to Kano school, but other ways and drawing methods have been incorporated into his technique. His drawing skill and imaging ability are unsurpassed, and are highly regarded overseas.

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Hand made Echizen Washi Wide Edition Postcard (Single)19

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