Hiroshige Utagawa the 1st generation

Kansei 9th (1797) born, Ansei 5th (1858) died
Disciple of Toyohiro Utagawa. He was also named Ichiryusai or Ichiyusai. Originally, he tried to join Toyokuni’s school, but refused a full amount, and joined to Toyohiro’s.
After the death of Toyohiro, he mainly drawn landscape paintings.

Around Tenpo 4th, he issued the "Tokaido Gojyu-san-tsugi-no-uchi" drawing the landscape of Tokaido, established fame as a great landscape painter.
The landscape painting of Hiroshige got a reputation, "It seems as if we are visiting the place".

Besides, "famous 100 landmarks of Edo", "Kyoto sightseeings" series are also famous.
Hiroshige's work is also known for its vividness, along with bold composition, also called Hiroshige Blue. Although it used imported perorin indigo, it also affected Western Impressionist paintings and the like.

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