Because Cool Art Tokyo Co., Ltd. is the company established by Asai Collection, the CAT can handle all Ukiyoe from Asai Collection.
The Asai Collection owns around 10,000 sets of 30,000 pieces of the first edition or similar of Ukiyoe created in Edo and Meiji period, as original.
The strength of our company is that we can use the original Ukiyoe to produce various reproductions and related products and deliver them to you.
In addition, various art exhibitions have been held so far using the Ukiyoe from the Asai Collection. Furthermore, there are also circumstances in which university professors and others have published books using the Asai Collection’s Ukiyoe.
As such, it is also a major feature of our company that we can deliver to you the splendid traditional value of Japan that has been admitted by many people.

The method of production varies depending on the production line, but every product lines are carefully produced so as not to lose the value of the original Ukiyoe taste as work of art.

The paintings by Raikou Line are delicately crafted in detail to match the originals, combining cutting-edge digital technology with time-consuming handwork in a studio specializing in fine arts in Kyoto.
Please enjoy the finest skill to express in detail the slight uplift of paint of the original Ukiyoe.
It will be delivered in luxury Echizen washi etc., so you can enjoy the same feel as when the original Ukiyoe was made.
Because the work process takes a lot of time, it is basically made to order and limited production.

The paintings of the Raishin line use reproduction technology specialized in works of art.
In the studio specializing in art, combining several times’ data shots with the latest scanner and cutting-edge digital technology, the original texture and the color of those days are reproduced with technology exceeding the so-called “Zeeclay” manufacturing method.
Please enjoy the finished work of the craftsman.
This line also takes time to produce, so we have made it to the customer's order.
It will be delivered in luxury Echizen washi etc., so you can enjoy the same feel as when the original Ukiyoe was made.

Nagamasa line has reasonable prices so that many customers can easily view Ukiyoe.
However, in order to enjoy the taste as work of art, it is high-quality offset print version that is based on the latest digital technology, such as 8K, with attention to color details.
Printed it on a paper only for works of art.

In addition, we will deliver Kawai Line, Cool Line, and related goods with committed quality that makes the best use of Ukiyoe design, etc.

Reprint is a new Ukiyoe redesigned in the present days based on the designs of Ukiyoe in Edo and Meiji period.
There is a taste as woodcut because the woodcut is newly carved and colored by printing.
It is characterized by being beautifully finished because it is newly created.
On the other hand, the design may differ from the original because the woodcut is carved anew.
In addition, because it is a new Ukiyoe, it is common for the texture and taste to be different from the original.

On the other hand, depending on the method of production, reproduction is produced by combining the latest digital technology and hand-finishing, etc. and finely adjusting the details and colors to realize the original taste.
By such delicate work, it is to try to reproduce the original texture and taste of Edo and Meiji period.
Since the original Ukiyoe has been long since being produced, the good taste of aging has come out.
In reproductions, it is possible to faithfully reproduce the taste due to aging, as well as having the exact same composition as the original.

Ukiyoe made in Edo period and early Meiji period, many of them have achieved unique compositions and colors that are still astonishing, and when we look at them, we will be drawn to their fineness.
It can be said that the method of reproduction is suitable for telling customers its original fineness and impression as it is.

At Cool Art Tokyo, in order to focus on delivering the original Ukiyoe taste to the customers as it was at the time of the original, we are currently making reproductions as of now.

The Raikou and Raishin lines, which are made-to-order, take approximately two weeks from receiving your order to delivering it to you.
In Japan, it will be a little shorter and will be delivered in about a week to 10 days.
We apologize, but if you are ordering from a foreign country, especially from a distant country from Japan, we would like to acknowledge that there may be cases in which more than two weeks may be exceeded due to postal circumstances.

Products other than Raikou and Raishin are approximately one week.
However, if you place an order from overseas, especially from a country far away from Japan, you may be aware that in some cases the postal service may exceed one week.

In the case of reproductions, we will bear the shipping cost in case you would buy the paintings only.
If you purchase with a frame, excuse me, but please bear the shipping cost as indicated.
In that cases, the shipping costs vary depending on the area of the country we are sending.

Import tariffs vary from country to country.
Due to international rules, if import tariffs apply, we will excuse you, but you will be responsible for it.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please pay at the time of product receipt.
There is no import tariffs in Japan.