Cool Art Tokyo House Guide


①Order Process & Payment

Choose your favorite ukiyo-e and quantity and press “Add to cart.” You may also purchase an editioned HD ukiyo-e print, “Kasane Graphica” with an additional cost. Then, you can press “Checkout” to enter necessary information. Once you fill out the information, press “Continue to payment method.” (Select the shipping method (only when you buy Kasane Graphica)). Then choose and fill in with your preferred method of payment, and press “Pay now” to complete the purchase.

②Startbahn Cert. Account Registration

To obtain your digital ukiyo-e with NFT, you need to register with Startbahn Cert.. In a couple of days after you have completed the purchase, Startbahn Cert. will send your email address for the account registration procedure. (If you buy the NFT after 5pm JST on 12/25/2021 until 5pm JST on 1/4/2022, it might take a week or so to get your NFT.) Please follow the instructions on the email to complete the account registration.
What is Startbahn Cert.?
How to Register with Startbahn Cert.

③Login and Get Your Digital Ukiyo-e with NFT

Once you have completed the account registration, you will receive the email from Startbahn Cert. about its completion. Now you can log in to Startbahn Cert. to check your ownd digital ukiyo-e with NFT. From “Your Cert.” you can also download the Ukiyo-e’s original background story video!
Startbahn Cert. User Manual