Production process, product line introduction and Introduction of Cool Art Tokyo Co., Ltd

Select carefully high valued Ukiyoe from the Edo and Meiji period

At the end of the Edo and the early Meiji period, when Ukiyoe was at its peak, very wonderful, mature Ukiyoe were produced.

The composition was also refined, and it also had a great influence on the famous European artists later in the West.

In addition, colors had been enriched, and many glossy and sophisticated works had been produced.
Ukiyoe seemed to have played a role like newspaper or magazine in modern times, Twitter, or Instagram in the Edo-Meiji period, but now its artistic value and valuable resources to know the situation at that time are highly admitted internal Japan and abroad.

In addition, during times when critics and opinions against the shogunate and the Meiji government could not freely be issued, as a caricature, not small number of Ukiyoe wood prints with meaning representing the feelings of the common people were also issued, and they were highly supported by the people.

From this cool lineup of Asai Collection, this site of Cool Art Tokyo are carefully selected and introduced, focusing on things that are valuable, interesting subjects, and interesting back stories.
There are not a few Ukiyoe that have never appeared in the world, and they will be introduced one by one.
Also, apart from Ukiyoe, we have prepared lines of anime and design arts with Ukiyoe as motif.

Please enjoy Japanese quality with collaboration among Samurai, Anime and Ukiyoe as Japan Cool Art.


Prepared carefully selected Japanese paper with the taste of the late Edo period

Cool Art Tokyo's reproduction of Ukiyoe are focused on faithfully reproducing the texture of the Ukiyoe period of the Edo and Meiji, held by the Asai collection.
Also stuck to washi.

Echizen Washi, also known as Japan's finest. In order to use the Echizen Washi in the Asai Collection, we carefully selected it according to the lineup.

Echizen washi is the oldest of all washi in Japan, and it is said that it has a 1,500-year history from the present Imadate, Echizen city, Fukui Prefecture.

Watermarking techniques were also born from Echizen Japanese paper.
This reproduction of Ukiyoe is made by craftsmen from Echizen Washi taking each one-by-one effort.

In particular, the RAIKOU line's washi was selected by “Morita-Washi”, only for Asai Collection, and produced by Human National Treasure Ichibei Iwano the 9th, and using hand made raw grind Housho paper only using Moth.
All reproduction Ukiyoe of Cool Art Tokyo uses only extremely high quality Echizen washi, and the texture have been reproduced equivalent to those of Edo-Meiji period.
We adjusted the Echizen Washi to match Ukiyoe with Kyoto's well-established Washi producer, "Morita Washi".


Produced in the Art studio in Kyoto with extremely high technology

Cool art Tokyo's reproduction Ukiyoe are produced and supervised at "Sankyodo", an Art studio in Kyoto that has extremely high technology for reproduction and restoration of works of art.

Sankyodo, in cooperation with Kyoto-based reproduction and printing company specializing in fine arts, Sun M Color Co., Ltd., worked on many reproduction of paintings and works of various temples and museums including Kyoto. They have very high technology in reproduction of works of art.

This time, the Sankyodo worked on the reproduction of the Edo and Meiji period Ukiyoe owned by the Asai Collection.

They challenged with difficult themes how to reproduce the deep blue, jet black, vivid colors, and red that attracts the eyes of the Meiji period that Ukiyoe had at that time.

And while repeating trial and error over half a year, They succeeded in reproducing the color as it was in the late Edo and early Meiji period.

A high-quality technology has been used to create reproductions that are well-colored even on Washi and difficult to degrade.Reproductions produced by Sankyodo are made by extremely advanced digital technology and manual work with time and effort.

The specific processes are as follows.

  • A) Multi-order scanning with the gigapixel art scanner

    Digital archiving is performed with a super high resolution large scanner. The fineness that the fibers of Japanese paper can be confirmed, and the digitization of the correct color management with almost no color difference, can save the charm of the work without exhaustion.
  • B) Very delicate image processing

    Digitized works perform delicate image processing. Will calculate the print back and adjust the texture and color. In addition, elaborate processing such as uneven reproduction of the work and change of color are also performed in this process.
  • C) Product Output by Committed Craftsmanship

    Product output uses different printers depending on the method. Every technique is printed by careful craftsmanship that you can feel even the texture, such as selected Japanese paper and processing, as well as strict color management and high-definition special technology.

Furthermore, RAIKOU line is reproduced by hand finishing up to the rise of subtle paint of Ukiyoe.