Shallow collection profile

  • 1901

    Yusuke Asai born in Fukui Prefecture Echizen City, established a shallow bookstore in Osaka.
     With a focus on corporate transactions, the business community of Iwashita SeiAmane Mr. and Osaka, both Ms. Kazumi Kobayashi was get to know.
     Yusuke Asai, prior to this, had begun to collection of ukiyo-e than 1897 around.

  • 1915

    The trade name of shallow bookstore was amended and Taizando.
     By this time, collection number of ukiyo-e of Yusuke Asai already and 10,000 several thousand, had been established as ukiyo-e collection.
     Ukiyo-e study by Yusuke Asai was also underway.
     In addition, Taizando is, "Noh image score" (Prints by Momo Taniguchi 僊画, all one hundred number) was published as a publisher, also was also reprinted in the ukiyo-e prints.

  • 1935

    "Early Modern Nishikie social conditions History" (Heibonsha, Written by Yusuke Asai: all eight volumes) have been issued over the next 1936.
     The main holdings of shallow collection, selected from among about 35,000 sheets, was published with commentary as research results of Yusuke Asai.
     This book is quite different from the other ukiyo-e (color woodblock print) Art and research, the term "ukiyo-e prints are not made as art, but should be viewed as a historical and cultural materials" with, of Yusuke Asai It was the unique thing that has been edited on the basis of belief.

  • 1940

    At Osaka Castle castle tower, was held "two thousand six hundred years history exhibition by color woodblock print", Asai collection has been published in earnest.

  • 1953

    At Osaka Castle castle tower, "Japan Cultural History exhibition by color woodblock print" by Asai collection of Fine Arts will be held. (Asahi Shimbun sponsored)
     The subsequent exhibition experience is disclosed separately.

  • 1970

    Yusuke Asai passed away at age 89.
     Asai collection, grandson of Yusuke, Osamu Asai is inherited, has served as a representative until now.
     Ukiyo-e of the study also inherited was continued.

  • 1977

    "Nishikie Edo history of the Meiji" (Kodansha, all 12 volumes) was published in responsibility editing of the University of Tokyo Shiro Konishi before professor.
     Of the published in the ukiyo-e (color woodblock print), about 70%, was a shallow collection of Fine Arts.

  • 1981

    "Nishikie History of Japan" (Japan Broadcasting Publishers Association, all four volumes) was published by the editing of Osaka University Masaru Tokinoya professor emeritus et al.
     With the content in the ukiyo-e show the Japanese history, published in the ukiyo-e was the holdings of all shallow collection.

  • 2019
    (2019 years)

    Osamu Asai of the eldest son, Xiu Asai has established the "Corporation cool Art Tokyo" for the purpose of management of the ukiyo-e of the shallow collection.
     With Osamu Asai, it is also a precious cultural heritage of Japan, has been with the mission that they would place a ukiyo-e of the shallow collection collections in the world.
     In addition, most of the shallow collection collections is a ukiyo-e prints, are also collections, such as picture scrolls of the following.
     - "Heda No. shipbuilding picture scroll" (Mr. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is at substantially the same picture scroll with the original of the picture scroll of presentation replica to President Vladimir Putin of Russia, the presence of the miso of three points in Japan has been confirmed.)
     - "Boshin Emaki" (woodcut)
     - "Tadashi Azuma large Governor Miya reverse onset picture scroll" (woodcut)
     - "Tenchu ​​set apology Symbol" (working title, handwriting booklet)


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