About Delivery and Return

About Delivery

We can ship around the world. The delivery period is as described in 4.

FeDex and the Japan Post to use.

Customs fees and taxes depend on each country’s rule. Additional taxes and customs charges may apply when entering the destination country.
If you do not know the import customs fee etc. in your country, please contact your local customs office.

We are paying effort for quick and smooth delivery. However, we are not responsible for any additional fees or delays that may apply at the customs office in the destination country.

Additional import taxes, duties, taxes etc must be paid by the customer. You will need to pay for the package to be delivered.

Yes. Your package will be delivered to the address you entered at the time of purchase.
However, if you are not present at delivery or if your address is incorrect, the package will be returned to your local shipping company's sales office.
If your package has returned to the sales office, please check with your shipping company.

All addresses must be in English and a valid zip code is required.
Enter 000000, if you do not have a zip code.

Please wait for the arrival of your packages up to the maximum number of days it takes to ship. Once your package arrives in your country, the shipping company in your country will notify you of the delivery.

If you do not pay the customs fee, the item you ordered will be returned to the shipper and can not be refunded.
If you would like to receive your order and have returned to us, we will re-send it for no additional charge.
In order to re-ship, your order needs to be returned to our warehouse.

About return

I am not satisfied with the product I received. What should I do?

We are performing quality checks on all products prior to shipping and are confident that all orders meet criteria before shipping.
We can not respond to returned goods except in the case of damage in the shipping process, so we ask you to be aware without any notice

Can I cancel my order?

We are sorry but we can not accept to be canceled or refund you after finalizing your order.

The received product was defective. What should I do?

In the unlikely event that the product is defective or damaged, please contact us with your order number and a photo of the part with your order address.

Damage due to normal use is not considered defective.