(50 Limited Editions)Cool Treasures Digital NFT #5 “Tsuna Watanabe slashed the arm of the demon at Rajyomon gate”

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Title Cool Treasures Digital NFT #5
「“Tsuna Watanabe slashed the arm of the demon at Rajyomon gate”
50 Limited Editions
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Description Length: 7 min 32 sec

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Movie Sample

Yorimitsu Minamoto and his friends, who exterminated the Shutendoji at Oeyama, were drinking at the Yorimitsu House in Kyoto.
Then Yasumasa Hirai said, "Recently, a demon appears at Rajomon."
Tsuna Watanabe were going to see the demon.
As Tsuna went near Rashomon on a horse, the area suddenly darkened and someone grabbed his helmet.
When Tsuna was seen, it was a frightening demon, Ibarakidoji.
Tuna pulled out the great word “ Higekiri” from Yorimitsu, and cut off Ibarakidoji’s arm. Ibarakidoji said, "I'll get my arms back someday," and flew away.
Ibarakidoji was the only demon who had fled when Yorimitsu and his colleagues defeated the Shutendoji gang.
He was thinking of revenge on Yorimitsu and his team.
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