(50 Limited Editions)Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #2 “Soga meets 7 luckey Gods Treasure ship”

Kasane Graphica
Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #2

Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #2
“Soga meets 7 luckey Gods Treasure ship”(50 Limited Editions)

Descriptions Physical print created with the Kasane Graphica Tehnique

Edition Number & Logo

H 367x W767 mm

No Frame

NFT Certificate Protected
It is a scene of the defeating story of the Soga brothers who was well performed in Kabuki in the Edo period. When the Soga brothers got into the house of Suketsune Kudo who is the enemy of his father, Suketsune noticed, and the scene where the father died is spoken. Younger brother Goro gets caught in blood, but he is stopped by Oiso-no-tora as Oiran with his older brother. Intermediary Saburo Asahina is said to be the son between Yoshinaka Kiso and Tomoe-Gozen. Toyokuni Utagawa the 3rd (The 1st Kunisada) drew a popular composition simulating this famous scene and the Seven Lucky God treasures.
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