Kasanes Graphica “Moon 100 figures, Iganotsubone” Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, 1886

Kasane Graphica

Kasanes Graphica
“Saburo Ise meets Prince Ushiwakamar”
Toshikata Mizuno 1893

Descriptions Physical print created with the Kasane Graphica Tehnique

H 335 x W 237 mm

No Frame
During the Muromachi period, there was very strong women who was not afraid of Youkai.
Iganotsubone was the maid of Emperor Godaigo's princess.
She was very beautiful and intelligent woman.
In June 1347, rumors were raised that a ghost would appear in the court yard.
Iganotsubone went to the rumored garden near a willow tree at night.
Then the big winged Youkai appeared and looked resentful.
Iganotsubone heard the story without fear.
The Youkai was the ghost of Mototo Fujiwara, and he lamented that he would serve the princess, but would not be mourned.
Iganotsubone persuaded the ghost to return.
And she told the Princess and she had the deep condolence ceremony for Mototo Fujiwara.
The ghost was grateful and didn't come out afterwards.
Also, when the bridge over the river was broken, it is said that Iganotsubone had built a bridge by breaking a large tree.
She was very strong, brave and courageous woman.

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