(50 Limited Editions)Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #3 "Waka poem by Ono-no Komachi"

Kasane Graphica
Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #3

Cool Treasures Kasanes Graphica #3
"Waka poem by Ono-no Komachi"(50 Limited Editions)

Descriptions Physical print created with the Kasane Graphica Tehnique

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H 370x W725 mm

No Frame

NFT Certificate Protected
This is Ono no Komachi, a poet from the early Heian period.
Komachi was so beautiful woman, and along with Cleopatra in Egypt and Yang Guifei in China, she is said to be one of the three most beautiful women in the world.
It is also said to be the daughter or grandchild of Ono no Takamura. Ono no Takamura is famous as a mysterious person who served the Great Enma as the demon king in the hell.
Komachi was born and raised in Akita, and when she was young, she came to Kyoto and worked for the court.
She was courted by many men because she was a beautiful woman.
When Admiral Fukakusa courted, Komachi said, ""I will accept you if you come to see me for 100 days."" The episode of ""Momoyo-kayoi "" is famous.
However, Admiral Fukakusa died on the 100th day.
Ono no Komachi is also famous as a master of Japanese poetry (Waka), and has been praised by many celebrities such as Ki no Tsurayuki.
This picture also shows the beauty of Komachi.
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