The World of Ukiyoe with its Variety

Many heroes have appeared in the history of Japan.
Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Yoshitsune Minamoto, Benkei, Tomoe Gozen, Goro Soga, the people in the Edo period were enthralled by the activities of heroes.
Please enjoy these dynamic Ukiyoe arts featuring many heroes.

[Beautiful women]
There have been many beautiful women in Japan's history.
Tokiwa Gozen was said to be the most beautiful women in a thousand, Shizuka Gozen was intelligent and protected Yoshitsune, and Matsuko helped Takayoshi Kido many times during the turbulent period at the end of the Edo and later became his wife.
These very delicate and attractive figures are beautifully depicted in Ukiyoe.

The history of Japan is also the history of demons and Yokai.
Since the Mythological Period and the Heian Period, people who were defeated by their political rivals have transformed themselves into terrifying yokai and demons to terrorize the citizens.
The citizens of Japan were thrilled by the stories of cool heroes who defeated these monsters.
Ukiyoe vividly depicts the dynamic battles between yokai and heroes.

In the late Edo period (1603-1868), kabuki, one of Japan's representative cultural traditions, reached its peak with Ukiyoe.
The wonderful performances of famous actors such as Danjuro Ichikawa VII were depicted in Ukiyoe as if they were being performed.
Please enjoy the collaboration of two major cultures of the Edo period: Ukiyoe and kabuki.

Japan, with its unique culture, is also famous for its beautiful nature and landscapes.
Enjoy the traditional beauty of the Japanese landscape, as well as the Japan of the early Meiji era, which is changing after the turbulent period of the Meiji Restoration.
At a time when photography was not yet common, Ukiyoe became a valuable historical document.

During the Edo period (1603-1868), when peace reigned for a long time, the common people devised and enjoyed a variety of festivals.
On the Sumida River, people enjoyed cherry blossoms in the spring and fireworks in the summer.
The Japanese people also enjoyed various events and celebrations in each season.
Ukiyoe vividly depicts people of the time rejoicing in events and festivals.