Monster map of MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu's residence, Tsuchigumo

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It is one of the representative works of Kuniyoshi, a painter of fantasy that Japan is proud of.With MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu along with Shitenno (four guardian kings) under his control, he disguise him as a picture when he retired from the Tsuchigumo, and he satirizes the times.At the time of the reform of the Tenpo era by Tadakuni MIZUNO, he likens the Shogun Ieyoshi and Tadakuni to Yorimitsu and Shitenno, and represents the people who suffer from the severe austerity policies of the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) as a humorous specter.Kuniyoshi often had a bitter message from the bakufu, but he was not mistaken.



The series is a series of high-end products with high value, such as famous painters such as Kuniyoshi UTAGAWA, Hiroshige UTAGAWA, Kunisada UTAGAWA (the third generation Toyokuni), and famous ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints), which were published in Japanese history textbooks.

It is the most expensive replica painting technique, and it is also faithfully reproducing colors, delicate drawings such as hair, and the clique of paint.

Enjoy the texture of Echizen washi that does not change from Edo to the Meiji period.

The best quality series recommended for collectors around the world.


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